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Weight Loss Is Not an Extreme Sport!

Updated: Dec 9, 2021


It takes persistence and dedication to adhere to a disciplined weight loss program. You must mindfully make consistently better food choices. Eventually others start to notice the weight loss and comment how great you look. Which is motivating. Then the tough part comes… A little more time passes, and you are not getting all the accolades and feedback. Just when you are working your hardest to stick with it. It is easy, at this point, to slip into old patterns.

Life has a way of throwing us into emotional upheaval. A significant weight loss can change how people react to you, as well as, how you are reacting to them. You may find yourself in unchartered territory and feel more vulnerable. Emotional triggers are going off and you find yourself sabotaging your goal.

There are four things you can do to be successful and feel safe in achieving weight loss.

Here are four keys to unlock your new reality:

1. You answer to you! Be confident.

You must primarily have your head in the game. Which means you are an adult and you do not need admiration from others to feel good and worthy. You only answer to yourself and that is where the success of your weight loss resides. You must self-motivate self-regulate and self-sustain. You must hold a confident coherence of your mental physical emotional and spiritual bodies. In other words, you must be one system.

2. You must change your mindset.

Permanent weight loss requires a PARADIGM SHIFT, as the mindset that got you to where you are currently, is not going to be the mindset that gets you into this new slimmer healthier version of you. You want to create a new mindset where weight loss is the byproduct not the goal for you. Health and vitality are the goals.

3. Be your own cheerleader.

Motivation comes from within. Your self-talk must be positive and upbeat. Consistently push through momentary cravings by diverting your thoughts. Stay motivated and hold true to your vision.

4. Forget all or nothing thinking.

Eating healthy is a way of life not an extreme sport. Like brushing your teeth is a natural way of being it does not require elevated levels of excitement or praise. You just do it. If you have already lost ten lbs., do you honestly think having one piece of pizza or a bag of chips is going to bring that ten lbs. back on you? If you were walking up a hill and just before the summit you stumbled and took five steps backwards, would you have to go all the way back from where you came right to the start? Absolutely not! You must forget all or nothing thinking here. You do not have to slide all the way back down the hill.

Be confident and always see yourself as vital and healthy. Be mindful of your portions and triggers. Pump yourself up with positive self-talk and hold true to the best version of yourself. By having an overall healthy food intake pattern of 90% you can achieve and sustain your weight loss goal. See ya on the summit!

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