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I am an American International Association (AIA) certified Hypnotherapist. I trained at the American School of Hypnosis.

I am constantly delving into all areas of the heart, mind, body, spirit connection. I am a voracious reader and podcast listener. I keep up on cutting edge technologies, energy medicine techniques, brain entrainment, nanotechnology, Neural Linguistic Programing (NLP), Hypnotherapy, breathwork, and esoteric practices.


I am fascinated with the subconscious mind and it's part in the ascension process. The future technologies that are emerging will require us to upgrade our brains.


I believe all of us have a deeper purpose on this planet at this time. Let me help you break the habit loops that have been holding you back from joy and passion. Let's create a new more expansive and powerful mindset so you can turn the power up on your own internal innate wisdom.


Your Life Vision is your reality. Master your mind and tap into pure potential.  Email me and set up a Free 20 minute "Deep Dive to Thrive" consultation. Call today 203-240-2040.

Some of the coursework I have completed: 


  • Uncommon Knowledge's "How to Stop Anyone From Smoking". This is a 5 part professional development course for therapists out of the UK.​

  • "Uncompromised Life" (Rapid Transformational Hypnosis) Marisa Peer (Mindvalley).  ​

  • "Life Visioning Mastery" Michael Beckwith (Mindvalley).

  • ​"Quantum Jumping" Burt Goldman (Mindvalley).

  • ​ "The Awakened Life Meditation series" Craig Hamilton (Evolving Wisdom).

  • Basic Belief Clearing certification DR. Joe Vitale and DR. Steve G, Jones.

  • ​Biogenics: Train Your Brain Certification Dr. Norm Shealy and DR. Sergey.

  • ​Reiki 1&2 Certification with Rhett Emerson.

  • Mediumship & Tarot Certification with Terra Sonora.

  • ​EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for Peak Performance Certification Dr. Steve Wells and Dr. David Lake of Perth, Australia.

Seminars and Retreats I attended:


  • Dr. Eric Pearle/ Reconnective Healing (Omega).​

  • Dr. Brian Weiss/Past Life Regression (Omega).

  • ​Neurobiologist Gene Ang PHD/ Quantum Healing Light.

  • John Of God Psychic Medium/Energy Healing.

  • ​Rosemary Altea /Energy Healing with Animals (hands on) retreat.

  • Munay-Ki completed 9 rights of passage/ earth keeper 

  • Dr. Catherine Sweet/Crystal workshop.

  • Bryan deFlores /Accelerators and Crystal Skull Energy workshop.

  • Private sessions and Alphabiotics w/ Shaman Celine Turcotte.

I am on an amazing transformational journey. The wisdom and keen insight I have gained will be of great value to all who seek  my counsel. 


“The subconscious mind holds the key for us to consciously create the life we desire. I have been on an amazing spiritual journey accompanied by some of the most enlightened people on the planet. Let me have the honor of being a part of your journey.”

                           - Kim Scala

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