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Feeling Overwhelmed ?


If stress is taking a toll on you, there is something you can do .

If you find yourself stressing throughout your day … A good thing you can do is jot down the thought and take three deep belly breaths. Keep a list as the worries come up. Do not do anything else. Just write it down, do the three breaths, and go back to whatever you were doing.

Set some time at the end of your day (start with half hour). Sit in a quiet place and take a few deep belly breaths and go down the list. You will now be coming from a calmer mindset. Now you can decide if there is something you must do or is there a step you can take towards resolving the stressor. If action is required set the action step in motion.

Do this for a few days or weeks. This practice will get your brain running more efficiently. By training and reorganizing your brain functioning pattern you have acquired a new skill set. A self-guided coping technique that can help you be calmer and more productive throughout your day. Hypnosis can be a game changer for you. Call me at 203-240-2040 to learn more about how you can Live Your Best Life.

Kim Scala Focus Plus Hypnosis

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