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What is the Major Difference Between an Amateur and a Professional Golfer?

Updated: Jun 1, 2022


Golf season is officially here. I took out my golf bag and was heading out to get some long overdue practice in. when my cell phone rang. It was my brother, who happens to be an exceptional golfer. He relayed to me a question that was asked of Arnold Palmer. The question “What is the major difference between an amateur and a professional golfer”?

My brother went on to say, the major difference is an amateur cannot shake off a bad shot. You see a professional golfer has a mindset that is non reactionary to the outcome of the shot (s)he is executing. Wherever the shot lies (s)he, will respond accordingly in a focused, calm, and confident demeanor.

For optimum results a professional golfer with a calm even keeled mindset is equipped to increase the potential for more positive outcomes on the course. A professional will focus their attention on the immediate task at hand. In this heightened state of awareness, the professional has full access to all the information available to execute the shot successfully, as the subconscious and conscious mind are in harmony.

The professional is locked in, tuned in and turned on in a state of flow, commonly referred to as “the zone”. Professional golfers have mastered the ability to get into this state where they can be unstoppable. On the other hand, most amateurs can’t get past their last shot especially if it wasn’t a good one.

If you are a golfer and you would like to play like a professional golfer here are some tips:

1. Practice more than you play!

Professionals practice every shot imaginable and when he/she is in any situation on the golf course they are prepared and ready to respond in a proactive way.

Amateurs don’t have time to practice like the pros do. Try to get to the range and leave your driver at home. Practice with all your clubs. Try to find a range that has upgraded to all the new software programs for practice golf.

You can listen to instructional tapes at bedtime and get clear visuals into the subconscious mind. Also, guided hypnosis visualizations can get you in a relaxed state and get your neural pathways in the brain to open and reinforce the feeling of confidence from hitting shots correctly.

2. Work on your mindset so you don’t get hijacked into a reactionary state when you hit an undesirable shot.

Repeating mantras in your head all day long. “Every day in every way I am getting better and better” is one you can repeat in your mind. Another one is, “I am always calm and confident in every situation on the golf course”. This sounds so trite, but you must understand the mind needs a new way of thinking! The negative chatter has left an imprint that is going 24/7. I am giving you a way to replace the negative self-tormenting head chatter with something more beneficial.

3. To perform optimally discipline is required.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a pre shot routine. If you don’t have one take a lesson with a professional. This is the way that you can come back to mindfulness after a poorly executed shot. The body, by going into a practiced preshot routine, is engaged. This allows your mind to automatically go into the new focus of intention. This is key, when there is a methodical consistent preshot routine as the dominant thought in the mind, there is no room for the inner critic to hijack the next hole. Recovering effortlessly from a poorly executed shot is what can make you play more like a professional.

4. Lighten up!

The golf pro I work with says” Great golf is about consecutively hitting consistent, good to great shots.” You can have a great game without ever having your game go sideways. Golf is not a game of perfect for the amateur golfer so don’t be so hard on yourself.

5. Let it Go!

You will have to make some pivots in your game (kind of how life works) so think on your feet, with grace under fire. Take a deep breath let it go …and step back into flow.

Remember the professional golfer is so laser focused in the moment that he can’t possibly hold any energy in his mind of the prior shot. This could be your reality with one hypnosis session. Hypnosis is also great for breaking limiting beliefs and getting your handicap to go down to a level that you think is unattainable.

For a customized “Play Like a Pro” hypnosis session that you can have in the luxury of your own home text me at 203-240-2040. Use the code PLAP for a 20% discount. Our live session will be recorded for you. You can listen to it again and again! This offer is good for sessions booked by June 20, 2022. Do you want to play better golf? Do you want to see your handicap go down this season? Are you willing to try something different? I have a few individual spots available. Get this season off with a new focused mindset.

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