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Keeping An Eye on our Global Community

Meet Manjula Lee:

If you want to get inspired then I have a podcast for you. The podcast aired September 15, 2021,“Red Bull Basement Sessions S1 E5” https:/ .

The woman in this 12 minute interview is rocking the world. Manjula Lee is Founder and CEO of World Wide Generation (WWG). She is a woman with a great vision. WWG has a platform called G17Eco. This platform takes the complexity out of being sustainable. It uses bot technology to measure a company’s social, economic and environmental impact in real time.

Listen to the podcast or google her. She has done this without a technology background. In 2015 the United Nations came up with 17 global sustainable development goals. Sustainable Development Goals Today our global community is in great hands. Thanks to this visionary, the United Nations has a way to achieve these sustainable development goals by 2030.

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